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aka: “The Computer Guy” by Life After 50 Publication, Feb 2017 Cover Story

Providing Quality Computer Assistance and Repair Since 2005.

 My rate is $30 per hour.

Got Problems?

  •  A computer that is running slower and  slower or won’t start?
  •  A wireless network that you need help setting up?
  •  You just bought a new computer and you need help using it?
  •  You need a personal or business web site?
  •  You have digital photos and need help: storing, cataloging and sending them via email?
  •  You need help searching the web?
  •  You are tired of paying for Antivirus protection?
  •  You are worried about losing your computer data, but aren’t sure what to do?
  •  Friends or relatives used your computer and now it has changed?
  •  The last technician talked 90 miles per hour and you were in a daze when he left?
  •  You would love to have a person to call when you have a computer question?
We are an independent computer repair service in Colorado Springs.  I   have over 40 years experience in the computer industry.  I started this PC service business in 2005.  I have degree in Electrical Engineering. 
I will come to your home, quickly analyze your computer problems, make recommendations and provide solutions. I won’t work on a flat rate repair because most computers have multiple problems.  I will always perform what is called a tune-up, check your anti-virus protection, the condition of your hard drive, insure that your computer is up-todate and look for any other not so obvious problems. I will ask if you have any questions and provide basic training as needed.  When I leave, your computer will be in its best shape.

I Guarantee my Services

FREE Phone Help

After our initial service call, we provide FREE Tech Support.  You will have your own computer expert only a  phone call away. I will answer your questions on the phone.  If you want me to repair the computer on the phone, I charge my normal rate of $30. If you are interested, you can set up remote access and I can then repair your computer via the Internet. Note, some repairs can not be performed over the internet.